The Naked Photo Booth Experiment - 14K Photo Booth - 818.538.8390

So, I get a call from my brother that Bruce is graduating from college. Bruce!! Oh yeah, Bruce is my brother's roommate, he's from Hawaii, awesome dude. Invited to the party, going for sure, bringing my camera, and then I remembered watching this youtube video on how to make your own photo booth with a camera and a tripod. "Hey, I have a camera and tripod!", I thought to myself, so I asked if I could set up a photo booth at the party.

Being an amateur head shot photographer, I used some flashes and reflectors to accommodate small groups. After days of fiddling with various softwares, connections, failures and successes I found a way! I could set up my lights and camera, and control them with a tablet and automatically upload to web. Eureka!

Only problem was, there was no actual booth. Classic booths have always been enclosed, but mine was exposed, uncovered, naked. Turns out this is more and more common with photo booths nowadays -it's called an "Open Air Photo Booth". Saves space & setup time, allows for people to get in and out faster, and gives the surrounding crowd a clear view of the action. Thank you Google.

I showed up the party, set up 2 flashes, 2 reflectors, a camera on tripod, tablet interface, and plugged it all in. Luckily the Graduation Party came equipped with it's own props, because once a couple people took some goofy pics everybody wanted in on the action. I left the booth, and let the party take over.

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