Petite Floating Backdrop - 14K Photo Booth - 818.538.8390

    Our petite floating backdrop was born from the need for a slightly smaller and lighter backdrop. It had to compliment our ultracompact photo booth; no taller or wider than absolutely necessary. So we started with a single pipe & drape kit - just a pole that sticks up from a base. From there we built a PVC frame and secured it to the pole. With a sturdy frame in place we were able to horizontally  wrap it with fabric for a smooth and even appearance.

    The fabric is joined in the back, laced tight like a corset -our own craft backdrop. We like to lace it with twine to give it that rustic behind the scenes look. The fabric needs to be a minimum of 52" wide, and we purchase a cut of 3 1/2 yards from the fabric store. Anything from felt to latex; if it's sold at a fabric store, we can make it into a backdrop. Once erected, our petite floating backdrop clears standard 8-foot ceilings by about 2 inches. It get's its "floating" nickname because of how it appears to balance perfectly on a single skinny pole.

    Even though they're from different places, the Petite Floating Backdrop and the Mini Booth by Snapden almost seem related by the way they balance on stem-like stands.

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