Just How Compact is Ultracompact? - 14K Photo Booth - 818.538.8390

24sq ft. - classic enclosed photo booth - 6'x4'

25sq ft. - 14K Photo Booth - 5x5'

54sq ft. - typical open-air photo booth - 9'x6'

72sq ft. - typical open-air photo booth +backdrop - 9'x8'

81sq ft. - typical semi-enclosure booth - 9' x 9'

121sqft. - Inflatable enclosure booth - 11'x11'

    Snapden is a major photo booth maker out of Colorado. This January we purchased the brand new MKII Mini by Snapden. It's a little tricky looking up on Google, apparently lot's of other people have their own idea of what a "mini photo booth" is. Otherwise, this booth is a piece of perfection. It touts itself as being "ultracompact". Not a word recognized by Webster's Standard English Dictionary, not yet at least.

    The Mini is the smallest professional photo booth available on the market as of January. No other photo booth in this class comes close to what this system has achieved. This thing has huge color changing led panels, it houses a professional DSLR camera, a 12" tablet, and remotely operates a dye sublimation printer. Because the booth is powered by a Windows tablet, it also has wifi and wireless projection capabilities, allowing for immediate upload to web and wireless projection of a slideshow all powered by the booth. Another great feature is its ability to tilt. With the camera pointed from about 4 feet high, one can tilt the head of the Mini up or down several degrees to accommodate kids or tall adults. Tilting may not seem like the most amazing feature, but it's definitely the most frustrating when you can't do it so this came as a welcome surprise (upon ordering, we did not know about this). The stature and top heavy appearance of the Mini may lead one to believe this is an obvious tip-hazard, but something about the heavy metal base provides enough stability to satisfy the paranoid. We have been in contact with Snapden several times and they are always more than willing to troubleshoot and offer advice about photo boothing 7 days a week.

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