Animated GIFs - 14K Photo Booth - 818.538.8390

Animated GIFs are the most unnecessary digital media man has ever created, and that's why we love them. Pointless stuttered video-like animations without sound that tell half-a story -oh the suspense! For these reasons and several others, we love animated GIFs almost as much as sugar.

In the Animated GIF Development Dungeon, we have concocted 2 basic varieties of animated GIFs. First, we have the 4 booth photos combined framed in animated graphics to show you in motion. Second, we take a short video and convert it in a little GIF with some graphics and effects. Boom! Now you have a 4 second loop of you doing anything you want!!

And just like the photo booth images, these GIFs are available seconds after they are created. Download, share, or make a coffee mug from the convenience of your phone -easy as saying cheese.

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