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About 14K Photo Booth

    At 14K, we've combined our love for photography with the automation of photo booth. We believe fond memories command a level of respect, so our image quality and customer service are top of the line. With our streamlined booking process, backup equipment, and digital delivery of your images, you won't have a thing to worry about except for a 5-star experience.

    14K Photo Booth was conceived by Justin Valle in 2016. Justin is an LA native and graduate of The Art Institute of Los Angeles. He has worked alongside renowned LA photographers and supported local organizations through volunteer photography and retouching. One Thanksgiving Justin set up a makeshift photo booth for his family gathering and was elated by the fun and feedback being generated. Instead of playing board games and fighting over the remote, everybody was practicing poses and bringing their photo strips to show Grandma. Amazed and inspired, he decided to get serious and build on this classic concept. After a few attempts at customizing his own system from scratch and a visit to the Photo Booth Expo in Vegas, he decided to go pro and purchase industry-standard gear from a professional manufacturers. This is the perfect photo booth system for every event.

Your Privacy

    We love when people share pictures, so we do our best to make it easy. Our default approach is to host your gallery on our Homepage; the next day we hide it (unlist) from the public. The great thing about this, is it's easy for your guests -no password, no sign in, no hurdles to jump. Just bookmark the gallery and come back to it whenever you like.

    When involving kids, we recommend increased privacy. The favorite method is a hidden gallery; we print your link on every photo strip, so only the participants know exactly where to look. Or for a small fee, add password protection to ensure your photos get the just the right kind of exposure. If the event is open to the public, everybody must perform an email confirmation and all minors will require written consent from a legal guardian before participating.

   We maintain full control over our online galleries and are happy to delete or take any portion of it offline at any time.

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